Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulator

Or T.E.N.S. for short...

Some people have been asking for a schematic of this gadget, and I made a mistake of putting my e-mail address onto a message board called Electronic Resource Bin. That started an avalanche of requests for this circuit. Now, sending an e-mail would not be a problem, but this whole thing is about 1.5MB, which takes some time to send. Since I have a life to live, I have decided to put it on a web page, so everybody can download the article without asking me to send it to them.

So, here it is. A set of scanned images from the "Silicon Chip" magazine in Australia describing the functioning, construction and use of the T.E.N.S. unit for the relief of pain.

These are the links to the separate pages of the article, so You can have a look without downloading anything. The images are quite large, 140-200kb, so it might take some time to wiew them.

For all of You who are not that handy with the soldering iron, Dick Smith Electronics has a kit which includes all parts, PCB, case and silkscreened front panel for about A$80. And they do ship overseas.

I hope this helps as many people in pain as possible. Good Luck to You all...